Interview with Australian Real Estate Investor Daniella Dhillon

Today’s guest, Daniella Dhillon, is a real estate investor from Australia, who has figured out how to crush it in Australian and US real estate markets.

She is an investor who has been investing in real estate with her husband Kevin since 2006. While Daniella worked as an IT professional and Kevin as a property manager, they began acquiring single family homes, duplexes and triplexes in Australia. They relocated to the US in 2011 to extend their property portfolio. Daniella is passionate about wealth creation through real estate, which has enabled her and her husband to quit their jobs while still in their 20s and focus on real estate investing full-time. They currently self-manage their three MFH communities in SE Florida, own 325+ units and their Australian portfolio. They established Dhillon Partners to enable other like-minded investors to join in their investment opportunities, as they look to continually grow and expand their property portfolio in the US. They are experienced in a variety of real estate strategies including owner financing, developments, value-add projects and syndication. The Dhillons are currently based in Houston, Texas with their 2 year old son, and enjoy spending time with their family both locally and in Australia.

ABOUT MONICK HALM: Monick Halm is host of this podcast, founder of the Real Estate Investor Goddesses online community, and the author of The Real Estate Investor Goddess Handbook: Everything a Woman Needs to Know to Start Investing in Real Estate Like a Goddess. She has over 12 years of real estate investing experience in single family, multi-family, RV/mobile home parks, and flipping, and owns over 1000 rental doors with her husband. She is passionate about real estate and getting more women into this exciting and lucrative world. visit: to connect with her.