In 2022, our key target are Corporate Secretarial firms in South East Asia. Strategically positioned in Singapore, Dhillon Partners looks to become a hub for business enterprise. We are particularly interested in cashflowing businesses, looking to grow their footprint in the South East Asia region. Our business investment philosophy is simple – how can we help add value to you? Each solution is unique to the Seller and business. We take a personal approach to ensuring value is protected and enhanced for each company and in turn, the communities they serve.

Deals Closed to Date

Over $90MM USD

Total Buying Power

$200MM USD

With our wealth of experience and successful track record, Dhillon Partners is well positioned to take your business to the next level, by implementing conservative goals which protect your business legacy, staff and brand retention.

Target Business size

Greater than $2MM in turnover

Target Business EBITDA

$200K to $5MM

Target Business Age

Greater than 3 years

Don’t let your business be a never-ending burden by postponing your retirement

You know it. Time is running out, energy level is going down, the young guns are catching up…

Finally let the blood, sweat and tears you have put in give you the freedom you deserve!

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