Many investors are stuck with being conservative with their money..

Dhillon Partners is a Single Family Office which manages global assets, over a diverse range of investment categories. We are a boutique private equity firm, open to investment opportunities across Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States. Active since 2006, our historical investments include: Australian medical businesses, Australian healthcare real estate, Australian residential real estate, US multifamily real estate, US grocery anchored real estate.

We are currently looking to acquire businesses in the Professional Services sector such as Corporate Secretarial, Accounting, Tax Planning, Marketing, Advertising, Legal, Auditing, Boutique financial consulting, Business brokerage, Finance brokerage; and Healthcare sector such as Medical clinics, Veterinary, Health supplement businesses.

As a firm, the business values we operate and focus on are Integrity, Simplicity and Success.

Kevin Dhillon

Kevin began investing in 2006 and was able to achieve financial independence in his 20s. He founded Dhillon Partners as a way of consolidating his investments. As a graduate from the University of Melbourne, he enjoys fundamental economics and political science. He splits his time between USA, Australia and Asia and enjoys spending quality time with Daniella and their three children.

Daniella Dhillon

Daniella co-founded Dhillon Partners with her husband and business partner, Kevin Dhillon. As a graduate from Monash University, prior to investments, she worked as an IT professional. She is passionate about financial education and wealth creation and has an abundance mindset. She enjoys spending quality time with Kevin and their three children also.


Ethan Lim

Ethan is the Chief of Staff at Dhillon Partners. He holds a Bachelor of Business degree from Nanyang Business School (NTU) and is also a CFA Level III Candidate; he enjoys investing and working with business owners to unlock the true intrinsic value of their business. With his strong financial background, he understands how business decisions influence the bottom-line and is often able to propose win-win strategies to benefit all stakeholders.

Riley De Silva

Riley is an Executive Assistant at Dhillon Partners. She provided administrative assistance across the various projects, from business acquisitions, client relations to portfolio maintenance. She holds a BA in International Business Management from Staffordshire University, UK. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, hockey and spending time with family and friends.

Sarah Pastolero

Sarah holds a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. She has more than a decade of experience working with international clients. Heavily focused on administrative assistance, collection, and property management. She loves to cook and spends quality time with her family during her spare time.

Alok Anand

Alok oversees Business Acquisitions at Medical First Group. As a graduate from Monash University, he has a background in Product Development and Project Management within the Telecommunications industry. Alok understands the needs and challenges of business owners and enjoys creating win-win solutions and exit strategies. He also has a passion for social justice and missions.


Carl Allen

Carl has worked on transactions worth over $48 billion, which includes over 330 acquisitions and sales foor almost three decades. He is the CEO and Founder of Dealmaker Wealth Society. Carl’s reputation as an investor and corporate dealmaker has led him to advise some of the world’s largest corporations on investments, acquisitions, disposals and restructuring.

Murray Priestley

Murray has over 30 years’ experience in commercial and asset management; having served on Board, CEO and held senior executive positions for Korea First Bank, Texas Pacific Group and EDS. Murray has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Monash University.  Murray has lived and worked in over 9 countries.

Stephen Petith

Stephen is the driving force behind the Sovereign Capitalist Community and the social enterprise Wonder Below. With over 20 years of experience, he is the founder of several to be listed investment companies in Aviation, Energy and Manufacturing and owns several companies that help business owners in the fields of Marketing, Corporate Advisory, Outsourcing and in Wealth and Asset optimisation and protection.