Dhillon Partners invests in commercial real estate in the US, when you invest with us, you’ll get:

Deals That Most
Investors Won’t Have Access to

US Commercial Real Estate that will yield lucrative returns

Cash Flow

projected 7-8.5% annual interest, paid regularly

A Big Pay Out in 5-6 Years

expect to double your money in several years, paid within 10 days of project closure

Past projects that have multiplied our investors’ money:

Palm Beach, Florida.

BOUGHT IN 2011 FOR $570K

ROI 20%

Phoenix, Arizona.

BOUGHT IN 2017 FOR $9.91MM


Dallas-Ft.Worth, Texas. 

BOUGHT IN 2017 FOR $7.75MM


Here’s How It Works

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eligible as an accredited

Invest In US
Commercial Real Estate

Your capital will go into US Commercial Real Estate for ongoing cashflow

Multiply Your Money
in 5-6 Years

While collecting regular dividends that are better than the bank interest!

  • About 5 years ago, my wife and I made a decision to invest in the US real estate market with Kevin and Daniella. It was very important that we teamed up with someone we could trust. We have known Kevin and Daniella’s parents for a long time but more importantly, we knew Kevin and Daniella would be good stewards of our investment with the knowledge and passion they have for real estate investment in the US. I must say our investment has done well, as we have recouped the original capital we put in. We are now collecting dividends with the profit that has been reinvested in another commercial real estate acquisition. Working with Kevin and Daniella has been a total breeze, as they did all the work and were very responsible in keeping us updated from time to time with news concerning our investment.

    Yit Meng How (Investor)

  • Kevin and Daniella have a special talent for finding property deals that provide both short- and long-term value. They are high-quality people who I’ve come to know and trust, and the level of analysis and feedback they provide on my investment is exceptional. I have already invited several friends to join me in investing with them, and I would encourage you to do so too!

    Nathan Bailey (Investor)

  • Partnering with Dhillon Partners has significantly increased my asset base and opened doors to new investment opportunities.

    Damien Phua (Investor)

  • Myself and my wife have invested in 2 deals so far with Daniella and her husband Kevin, Bryant and Angel over the last year. We are very excited about future opportunities to invest with them as well! They are very professional and dedicated! They treat their passives with the utmost respect and care and keep us incredibly well informed with detailed reports and summaries. We very much trust their judgement and look to many deals together!

    Ellen Sherry and David Kotliar (Investors)

  • We have assisted with several transactions involving these sponsors. They are excellent to work with and are well versed in the multifamily business.

    Greg Ehrlich, Kaliser & Associates (Attorney)

    Feeling intimidated investing overseas, especially the US market?

    Don’t let the media fool you of the amazing opportunities from the US market. And if you’re thinking the residential market, forget it.

    As of 2019, the average rental yields from the US commercial real estate is a minimum 6.5%, and the capital value is dictated by the asset manager, not the market. That means if the property produces a positive net profit, value goes up. Simple.

    Wise investors simply follow where the money flows, overseas or not. This is your invitation to take beat of the market and stay ahead of the money game.

    Investment Options

    Current General Investment Pool

    Preferred Investment $500,000 USD
    Minimum $100,000 USD entry point

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    Have a larger

    Minimum $3M USD
    Stand-alone tailored project

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    Are you sick and tired of trading time for money, and essentially taking a pay cut every year with inflation?

    Build a better, more stable, more predictable future with your money by becoming a prudent investor with a global portfolio.

    Wise investors simply follow where the money flows, overseas or not. This is your invitation to take beat of the market and stay ahead of the money game.

    Submit an application today and never have to deal with the uncertainties around money!