Many investors are stuck with being conservative with their money..

Parking most of their capital in low interest assets or have to cope with the instability of the local market. Meanwhile, they’re missing out what the global market has to offer, and can only envy those smart investors who are getting robust returns from their diverse portfolio worldwide.

We at Dhillon Partners buy, manage and sell commercial real estate in the US, while giving investors steady ongoing dividends, and gain complete control over capital gains in a matter of 5-6 years. For many of our investors who have doubled their money within 5-6 years, they are now able to make better lifestyle choices, have a global portfolio that they are proud of, and compound their profits to build their investment empire.

Kevin Dhillon

Kevin began investing in real estate in 2006 and was able to achieve financial independence in his 20s. He founded Dhillon Partners as a way for like-minded investors to grow their capital along with him. He splits his time between USA, Australia and Asia and enjoys spending quality time with Daniella and their two sons.


Daniella Dhillon

Daniella co-founded Dhillon Partners with her husband and business partner, Kevin Dhillon. Prior to investments, she worked as an IT professional. She is passionate about financial education and wealth creation and has an abundance mindset. She enjoys spending quality time with Kevin and their two sons also.


Alok Anand

Alok oversees Business Acquisitions at Dhillon Partners. He has a background in Product Development and Project Management within the Telecommunications industry. Alok understands the needs and challenges of business owners and enjoys creating win-win solutions and exit strategies. He also has a passion for social justice and missions.

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Natalie Fernando

Natalie is an Executive Assistant at Dhillon Partners. She oversees Customer Relations, Public Relations, Research, Marketing and is involved in supporting operations for Mergers and Acquisitions. She also supervises staff and aids in planning and development.

Diana Niyaz

Diana is an Administrative Assistant at Dhillon Partners, with a Bachelor of Law (LLB) and Diploma in Common Law. She is incharge of Portfolio Management and Maintenance. She also provides legal counsel and support for various projects.

Investment Portfolio & Past Records

Waco, Texas
Bought in 2016 for $7.9MM

VALUED in 2019 for

Dallas Ft.Worth, Texas
Bought in 2017 for $7.75MM

Valued in 2019 for
Ongoing annual dividend 10%

Phoenix, Arizona
Bought in 2018 for $9.1MM

Valued in 2019 for
Ongoing annual dividend 10%

Palm Beach, Florida
Bought in 2013 for $2.4MM

Refinance in 2015 for
∞% ROI

Pompano Beach, Florida
Bought in 2011 for $760K

Valued in 2018 for
ROI 30%

Homestead, Florida
Bought in 2011 for $570K

Valued in 2018 for
ROI 20%

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Introducing our new and improved website!

Introducing our new and improved website!

Welcome to our brand new website! Boasting a cleaner, professional and simple look, we believe that our new interface will provide you with the necessary information that you need about investing with Dhillon Partners, or selling your business. Contact us if we can...

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