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Kevin and Daniella Dhillon founded Dhillon Partners as an outgrowth of their personal investing activities. Active investors since 2006, they created Dhillon Partners as a way for other investors to participate in their real estate projects. Beginning investing in single family housing, duplex and triplexes in Australia, they relocated to the US in 2011 and continued to expand their personal property portfolio.

The Dhillons are passionate about wealth creation through real estate, which has enabled them to quit their jobs while still in their 20s and focus on investing full-time. Their holdings

include multifamily apartment communities, mobile home communities and triple net retail shopping centers, as well as their Australian real estate. Kevin and Daniella look forward to continually growing and expanding their property portfolio with their investors through syndicated projects in the US.  

Their area of expertise is helping people to put their idle capital to productive use by investing in cash flowing US real estate assets. They typically work with Australian or Asian investors and help them to own US real estate in a passive, safe and profitable way.